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September 21, 2012
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BL-A: Angelo De Luca by NightmareInspections BL-A: Angelo De Luca by NightmareInspections
FFFF- Guess who became a co-founder for #BL-A~? =w= Anyways, we're allowed two characters if your an admin and I wanted to make a professor~ ;u; and this is what I came up with along with Tia |D ... That's right they're twins~ =w= TWIN =>> [link]

EDIT:: I chopped his hair and parted it different |D

:new: Updated App Image!

:bulletred: Ways to RP with Angelo
- Via Note
- BL-A Applicant RP chat


Basic Info

Name: Angelo De Luca
Nicknames: Angie, Tulio*shot*
Age: 25
D.O.B: January 1
Sex: Male
Ethnicity: Italian
Place of Birth: Venice, Italy
Height: 183cm // 5'12"
Weight: 82kg // 181 lbs
Eye Colour: Dark Grey
Hair Colour: Dark brown with banana highlights


Getting to Know Angelo

Attributes // Talents:
+ Strongest points are Greek and Egyptian consolations
+ Singing
+ Pickpocketing ( Watch out for your phones, kids |D )

Angelo can be a laid back kind of guy but when it comes to his classroom, he's strict as hell. He was given the nickname "Angel of Death" when he was a student teacher before arriving with his twin to Ireland. He's very out-going and likes to talk dirty ( he sometimes can't help himself and can't stop |D )

"Bedroom" Position: Seme
He wasn't always dominant in his relationships until a couple of years ago. He refuses to lay down and spread them |D *brick'd*

Angelo's "Turn On's":
:bulletred: People having a passion for their interest
:bulletred: People who can sing and write songs

Egyptian history, going out at night, sleeping in the day, Tiramasu

Enclosed spaces really xD

He's currently living it, being a teacher of Astronomy.

Fears // Phobias:
Claustrophobia ( Fear of enclosed spaces )
Haphephobia ( Fear of being touched )
Merinthophobia ( Fear of being bound up or tied up )

Subject Teaching:

Fav. Flower:
Casa Blanca

Angelo and his older brother, Leandro grew up normal lives in the in the strict middle class household in Venice, Italy. Angelo always looked up to his brother and even more so after a certain event in the Grand Canal. At the age of seven, the two decided to take a trip with their parents one day on the gondolas, Angelo was the type of kid that never sat around quietly and moved around on the boat. He lost his footing and fell into the water. He popped his head up, crying and screaming for his bewildered brother until he reached over the side to grab his hands to accidentally pull him into the water. It wasn't until a few minutes later, a couple of bystanders spotted them and rescued the boys. After that the closest thing to water Angie would go near was a bath tub and avoided the beautiful sight for the time being.

Years have passed for the boys and started to feel comfortable going into the streets of Venice. Angelo and Leandro began to pick up on the English language from all the tourists that had come to their city. There, they practiced the art of pickpocketing. Angelo got hooked immediately and soon became a pro at the skill. It was put to an end as they ran into their father one fateful day. From there they decided to work on their studies and soon graduated to enroll into the University of Birmingham, England. It was here when Angelo started to drift from his brother to do things on his own. He found new friends, interests and a few lovers. He started to harden his feelings after a rough night of arguing with his ex. Though, words were useless as he found himself to be tied down in a matter of minutes and endured 4 hours of being a rape victim. He sat up battered and bruised and called the closest thing to him, his brother. It felt like hours until he saw Leandro rush through the door and broke down in front of him.

A couple of years later have passed since the incident, Angelo's warm glow slowly churned slightly sour around everyone but his brother. He was given the news about how Leo gotten a job offer in Ireland and congratulated him. He could see that his brother wasn't satisfied with the excitement fully when he spoke up to Angelo.
"Why don't you come with me? Brother, I'm still not comfortable with you being here by yourself and they have many positions opened."
Angie thought and thought... and thought over the offer his brother asked and finally came to an agreement.

The two soon found themselves on a plane to the all boys academy.

In a Relationship with...:
Jackel Reiner

Family in Beatus Luna Academiae:
Leandro De Luca
His older twin brother. When they were little, Angie looked up to Leo and grew more attached to him since the day he fell into the Grand Canal. Throughout the years he started to branch out away from him and did things on his own. It wasn't until a phone call he got from Leo talking about the new school opening up brought them close again for another adventure.

Relationships with Students and Teachers
:bulletred: Angelo can be either friendly or quite rude depending on the person he meets. He usually stays away from "affectionate" people.

Daniel Mackenzie: He met the teen while drawing inside of the bar. He was fascinated from his work and started to talking. He soon found amusement in the airhead of Daniel and started to tease him. He nicknames him Panda.

Angie Factoids
+ He wears watches and wristbands to hide the visible scars when he was raped
+ He was in a band while he was studying in England, playing the Bass.
+ He still has trouble in his left shoulder from the fall off the gondola when he was seven.

C O M P L E T E... R E F=>> Coming soon!

#BL-A © =Prince-Geek

Leandro De Luca © *SkywayMinority

Angelo De Luca & Art © *NightmareInspections
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